Cập nhật Lời bài hát Down The Line Joint – Black Rob

Cập nhật mới nhất Lời bài hát Down The Line Joint – Black Rob

featuring G-Dep, Marc Curry, Mase, & Puff Daddy

Verse One: Puffy
When night falls, that’s when it all begins
Be prepared we can allow no loose ends
I highly recommend ya’ll bring your arms
This is no false alarm
They want to do us harm
Like I’m nervous, live inside a glass house
They want to bring us down
Then drag us out
It’s all about niggas that doubt our reputation
Start’n conflict and don’t know what they facing
Want twist us all in there black magic
? suggest paper of wars and break havoc
Are u ready, don’t sleep on them
Ain’t petty, you get that ass thrown like infedy
Meet me at the getaway spot in a jiffy
Leave all the does behind that act iffy
We got maneuvers, that’s hard to beat
Till the other side retreats
Under six feet beneath

Verse Two: Mark Curry
I told u that is a saw I wore
I’m a kill
When the rebel yells song that don’t stop till
It’s done, see I got guns and I m sick
See how you said meet me here and I came quick
Them same catz on the most wanted list
We can hit them, Then straight disappear in the mist
?,Won’t cease to exist
I shoot to kill and I’ll be damned if I miss
A warrior waiting for Armageddon
I get serious as hell when I’m threatened
Intent to get hostile break into a rage of fury
Send them back their apostle’s fossils and crazed right
A rude awakening and but now I’m alert
And that’s right down my line of work
The whole Brotherhood new verse, gutless cowards with no back
And watch how they all fall flat
Niggas gone fall out
The got us up against the wall
Here I call out, let it all out
With or without you I’m for war
Some shit worth dying for, ah-huh

Niggas gone fall out
The got us up against the wall
Here I call out, let it all out
With or without you I’m for war
Some shit worth dying for, ah-huh

Verse Three: Black Rob
You want hot soup, I got shit like up on in attica
Guns ridiculous like battle star galactica
What’s this, want to insult my family?
La familia, actin like ones of us goin to kill ya
I want ya’ll dues,
Shit hit the fan, we going to be eatin your food
Time up in the new
Then torture, I rip a niggas toe nails off
What, I didn’t here the news five slayin the law
Man, how I don’t want do these catz
I lay mousetraps for those mice house niggas that house gats
They want to out me, I know killers from down south be
Who know and understand, there ain’t a thing sweet about me
I earn my respect, and I was born to wreck
Spit techs, by your rockets threw jets
Who’s next, to get hit by firepower that’s so raw
Go play 4-4’s ready for war

Verse Four: Mase
All out, what what,
Wanna blow, what what
Teamsters what what
Mother Fucker
]From Monday to Sunday, it’s all about the money
Nigga ain’t got mine, I guarantee I’m gun play
Moms says makes u going to need that money one day
Bitch I’m in the jet, Benz on the runway
Don’t be fooled, still squeeze tools
Money like that why the fuck I need school
M-A dollar sign E rules
Hundred G jewels,
Vacate places you don’t even need shoes
Same catz say stay up, prey 4 my day up
No one where my bitch live, plot where I lay up
If you got coke way up, Got doe then pay up
Niggas shoot at me a nigga better spray up
Cause God forbid, you hit me in my Ribs and I live
Comin back and getting you and your kids


Verse Five: G-Dep
Dom Dom Dom
Thought I heard something
Last cat that I heard frontin
Burned up herb huntin
Word cause, my heard something
Splurge something,
Now I don’t care who I hit
Its who I hit I knew I hit
Who’m would understand though
We vandals and land roles
Program for our own channels
And flannel, this man knew any clan
We’re here for the catz in the minivan
Got let this schemmy plan
Pay me man, scan
Sex, cars any money
Sex guard the money
With this gun, it be hard to run me
Get it right, or get it tonight
Better tonight,
Set up your wife, with the head of the night
Don’t fold cause my goals imbedded with ice
To my tents dimming the light
I’m bendin this mic
Lot of niggas don’t comprehend
Lots niggas look sloppy when
They don’t see me and I see them


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