Top 5 Main IDO Platforms on Solana

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Trong phạm vi bài viết này, mình xin mạng phép giới thiệu đến quý đọc fake của vuongchihung về chủ đề Top 5 Main IDO Platforms on Solana

IDO launchpads can pose an attractive solution since they allow participants to gain access to often highly sought-after projects before they list on public exchanges. This, therefore, allows participants to enter at the lowest possible price and benefit from the maximum return. 

However, the launchpad space is getting crowded. Not all launchpads are always able to secure high-quality projects for their participants. As a result, launchpad selection is a challenge in and of itself — particularly when it’s not possible to participate in multiple options.  

launchpad IDO on Solana
  • Trustless and completely decentralized.
  • Ditches obsolete PoW consensus in favor of more secure and less exploitable PoS.
  • One-of-a-kind Proof of History (PoH) system that enables the coveted scalability to be attained. It is achieved by hashing transactions using the SHA256 hash function. Solana takes the output of a transaction and uses it as the input for the next hash. The order of the transactions is now inbuilt into the hashed output.
  • Pipelining. Streamlining transaction processing which allows for faster validation.
  • Distributed ledger storage called Archivers.

With Solana becoming a formidable player on the cryptocurrency scene, there is a growing demand for Solana-based projects being launched in a safe and secure environment that ensures for both retail investors and fundraising projects a proper Launchpad platform.

Let’s look at some of the most popular choices available on Solana.

What is Solanium?

Solanium is an IDO platform that organizes fund-raising events for new projects. On the Solanium platform, investors can participate in the public token sale of projects to earn maximum profits and minimum risks.

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How does Solanium work?

Solanium is a launchpad using the tier system that requires users to hold xSLIM tokens to participate in IDOs. xSlim token is the non-transferrable governance token of the platform.

To earn xSlim, users have to stake SLIM-LP or SLIM tokens for a specific lock-time (maximum 1 year). SLIM tokens are the Solanium utility token and it has a 1x multiplier in the stake pool.

SLIM-LP tokens are rewarded to Liquidity Providers in the SOL-SLIM Pool on Raydium. The LP token represents the proportional share of LPs in the total liquidity on Raydium.

With SLIM-LP tokens, holders are offered a 2.5x bonus multiplier (weight) while staking SLIM is only a 1x multiplier. However, there’s a risk of Impermanent Loss, which should be put into consideration before providing liquidity.

Tier 4 and Tier 5 are guaranteed allocations that benefit investors the most.

If there are remaining unsold tokens, the project will decide to distribute them via airdrop, second round, or FCFS, etc.


Solanium is backed by multiple big Venture Capitals as in the following picture.

AcceleRaytor will serve as a launchpad for the latest Solana projects to raise capital and drive initial liquidity in a decentralized and interoperable manner while enabling both project and Raydium communities to participate in carefully curated and vetted token offerings.

Our vision for Raydium has always been to play a key role in driving liquidity and expanding the ecosystem. With so many talented teams emerging, there’s an opportunity to really accelerate project growth through enabling teams to raise funds, drive awareness, and launch an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) all in a streamlined, end-to-end process.

Participation & Pool structure

Initially, there will be two types of pools available for each AcceleRaytor launch project; Community Pools and RAY Pools. This two-tiered approach is meant to provide the wider community with open access to early-stage projects while also rewarding the support of the Raydium community.

1) Community Pools are meant to be open to the wider community. While participation and eligibility may depend on project requirements, the purpose is to make these open to the ecosystem regardless of whether or not you’ve ever used Raydium.

2) RAY Pools will be open to users who stake RAY tokens on the Raydium platform. To qualify, participants will need to have a minimum number of RAY staked in the RAY staking pool on Raydium. Snapshots will be taken starting 7 days from the opening of a pool and continue until the pool opens. The minimum staking amount for the first batch of AcceleRaytor projects will be 20 RAY, however, this may change in the future. Similar to the Community Pool, participation and eligibility may depend on project requirements.

Token allocations for eligible participants will be aligned for each project, however we aim for launches to provide allocations for as many participants as possible. Methods may differ between projects, but the two primary allocation models are:

1) Guaranteed proportional model: All participants who contribute within the open time period of the pool receive an allocation proportional to their contributed funds as a percentage of total funds contributed. In the case that total funds exceed the max cap of the pool, additional funds will be returned.

2) First come first serve model: All participants are able to contribute until the pool reaches the total max cap for funds.

The majority of pools will have a maximum allocation per participant.

The next step: IDO launch & LP rewards

In addition to allowing projects to raise funds through AcceleRaytor, Raydium will work alongside the project teams to launch a successful IDO through Raydium liquidity pools. The ability to quickly and efficiently launch allows the community to begin providing liquidity and trading the project token very shortly after Community and RAY pools are complete. Projects are also able to offer LP farming rewards for liquidity providers immediately after the token IDOs on Raydium.

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Imagine getting into an early stage project at a presale price, then being able to trade or stake your tokens for even more rewards almost immediately!

Future Momentum

The AcceleRaytor system, which includes the Community and RAY pool process, will allow projects to accelerate their reach and pace of development, while the potential to quickly IDO and offer LP rewards opens up even greater opportunities for the entire project community. While each launch may look a bit different and structure will be refined as we move forward, we’ll be working hard alongside our partner projects to drive the acceleration of the entire ecosystem!

Backers Raydium


What is StarLaunch? 

Starlaunch is the first initial DEX offering (IDO) launchpad and accelerator for Solana that is protected by insurance. It shields participants from unwanted circumstances that could put their investments at great risk. 

How to Participate in StarLaunch IDOs 

StarLaunch allows users to participate in its IDOs through its dual token mechanism, which comprises STARS, a deflationary token, and Hydrazine, a secondary utility token. 

Here are the steps on how users can participate in IDOs. 

  • Users need to stake their STARS token in the StarLaunch Fusion vault to produce Hydrazine, which will be required to gain access to IDOs. 
  • Accumulated Hydrazine tokens are required to register for IDOs on StarLaunch’s web applications. Users will be given 72 hours for registration, and a 3-5 day window will follow for Know-Your-Customer or KYC screening. 
  • A day after the registration is closed, and KYC finalized, a 24-hour purchase window will start for the IDO event, and registered sale participants are required to claim their allocation during this timeframe. 

StarLaunch has finally provided investors complete confidence in jumping on the blockchain industry by providing them insurance that guarantees them protection from the risks that can threaten their hard-earned investments. 

What is Dexlab?

Dexlab makes launching on Solana easy with a token minting lab, a launchpad, and a dedicated DEX for all listings

What is Dexlab? Dexlab is an integrated DEX platform that provides a GUI to issue Solana-based tokens without the need to code. It leverages the Serum Decentralized Exchange (DEX)’s central order book to support ultra-fast transactions, shared liquidity, and new features for monetization.

Why is Dexlab different?

The SPL CLI is the main method to create and manage Solana tokens. This lacks linkage for environment setting, token sale, and market listing, and token information cannot be managed. DexLab seeks to eliminate this inconvenience and furthermore, to be able to do everything from token issuance to utility at DexLab based on GUI.

Dexlab offers a few key advantages (completed or in progress):

1. Anyone can list on DexLab Market. Currently, custom market registration can be checked only on the registered PC. DexLab expands this and supports anyone to trade through an address or a separate area when registering the market (like Uniswap).

2. Trading interface: For traders who want to be able to view TradingView charts, set limit orders, and have more control over their trading.

3. Supports token issuance and management through GUI.

4. We provide an IDO platform that anyone can create and participate in.

5. Provides a scalable API for system trading.

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Basically, Dexlab has the same mechanism as Serum DEX, but Dexlab still has some advantages over Serum DEX such as:

  • Support issuing, managing and listing any token from the community.
  • Intuitive interface, integrated chart function, place trading orders.
  • The decentralized IDO platform allows users to freely create and join IDO.
  • Provide an open source API that allows users to freely develop trading tools.
  • Cross-chain support from the Ethereum network.

Dexlab has hit on the disadvantages that Serum DEX is facing, although it is a DEX, Serum’s listing mechanism is Centralized, which restricts developers in Solana ecosystem from freely listing tokens.

However, there are still many limitations, but Serum is still the liquidity center, so in order for Dexlab to surpass Serum, they need to combine two factors:

  • Take advantage of Serum Pool’s abundant liquidity.
  • Attract developers to issue tokens on the Dexlab platform.

Token Use Case

The DXL token will be used with the following applications:

  • Staking: There will be 5 staking levels and 5 different incentives for fee reduction mechanisms, using special features, receiving airdrops,…
  • Governance: Propose and vote on system changes such as reward structure,…
  • IDO: Participate in IDO sale or create IDO on Dexlab platform.
  • Get rewarded: Holder DXL will be rewarded from users’ transaction fees on the platform.

What is Waggle Network

Waggle is a permissionless marketplace built for multi-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise capital post-IDO on a decentralized environment based on Solana.

Waggle curates a public-facing marketplace interface that facilitates locked tokens trading activities. With Waggle, decentralized projects will be able to raise capital from their community, and users will be able to participate in community fundraising rounds in a secure and compliant environment and access opportunities previously only available to institutional players.

Waggle seeks to build a future that is decentralized, efficient and empowering.

$WAG Staking and Utility

Waggle further revealed that its native token ($WAG) holders could stake and earn rewards from the platform fees on top of the community pool. Notably, users will be able to choose between staking or locking assets for some time to increase their yield. The tier system Waggle Network has told you how many $SWAG tokens you have to stake.


Waggle Network — the cross-chain protocol that unlocks liquidity for post-IDO tokens announces a $3 million seed raising round. It will be led by many prominent investors. To name a few, AU21, Basics Capital, Bixin Ventures, labs, GBV, Genesis Block Capital, HG Ventures, MEXC, NGC, Spark Digital, and SVC.

IDO Launchpads connects innovative projects with enthusiastic investors who will be early adopters of the projects. Investors prefer IDOs to IEOs for a variety of reasons, including the certainty of security and accessibility. Before the formal launch, investors get to purchase tokens at a discounted price. The IDO platforms featured here can assist users in investing in potential and profitable initiatives and help DeFi projects obtain safe and secure funding. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. Staking, delegation, and cryptocurrencies involve a high degree of risk, and there is always the possibility of loss, including the failure of all staked digital assets.

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